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smol forge is still early in development and lacks the sort of thorough documentation we hope to provide in the future. We are also a small team, so our resources are limited. If you have any questions, please reach out to us on our Discord server and we will do our best to help you out.



At the heart of the smol forge are Worlds. What is contained in these worlds is for its creators to decide! Each contains its own lore and characters and could be used anything for trying to craft the next great series of epic fantasy novels to a place to keep track of your tabletop campaign. Though one person many participate in many worlds, almost everything in smol forge is associated with a specific world.


Currently, smol forge only supports logging in with Discord or GitHub accounts using OAuth. We plan to add more options in the future. Multiple accounts can be attached to your smol forge account for ultimate flexibility with logging in.


Each world has an associated Wiki, which enables you to collaborate on and share information about what makes up your fictional realm. These articles can link to each other using double square brackets notation, e.g. [[Article Name]] and are formatted with Markdown. Each article can have a specialized type which provides extra fields to fill out, e.g. an article of type "Character" can track the character's alignment.


Images can help a world come to life. This is why we have a Media system that lets you upload images to a gallery for your world. You can browse these on their own or even embed them in your wiki articles!

dice tables

A central mechanic of many tabletop roleplaying experience is tables of outcomes, for which a player has to roll a specific dice combination to determine what happens with their character. By using the Dice Tables feature, you can not just save these tables in smol forge, you can roll on them too!

Dice table rolling uses Dungeons & Dragons-style dice notation, where the first number is the number of dice to roll, the second number is the number of sides on the dice, and the optional third number is the modifier to add to the result. For example, 2d6+3 means "roll two six-sided dice and add three to the result".

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